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Automatic Rendering Machine
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Product: Views:106Automatic Rendering Machine 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-04-25 05:26

Human VS DERUTU-3.0:

Before: very slow, 2 people 50 square per 10 hours, and the delivery period cannot be determined

With DERUTU: 2 people 2200 square per 10 hours, Clear delivery

Supported wall:

Red brick wall Cement wall Gray brick wall Black brick wall
Black wall Concrete brick wall Sand lime bricks

Supported materials:  Cement, mortar, plaster


Product Details Display:
Aricraft-grade material MAVD Variable frenquency motor
Gear&rack lifting model Manganese steel plaster board Air spring protection

Handwork vs DERUTU

Quality assurance, can handle corners
1. preparation work 2. adjustment
3. load mortar 4. rendering the wall

Product Story

The plastering machine is a machine that automatically plasters the wall. The wall cleaning machine belongs to the field of construction machinery. Its advantages and practicality are strong. It eliminates the need for management, pumping and other processes in the construction of plastering wall ash, saving labor, time and convenience. It is easy to operate and has excellent engineering quality, especially for workers who do not have any experience and skills in wall cleaning.


1. The project date can be greatly advanced: a single project can achieve excellent engineering.

2. One machine can top 10 craftsmen to work: no foot stand, saving construction shelf costs.

3. Special chute, special steel wire rope: stable operation, no wire drop, continuous wire, no wire.

4. Verticality, flatness, and less than manual error: reduce the labor intensity of craftsmen and improve work efficiency.

5. Double motor split operation: The lifting speed is stable and stable, the operation and powder wall are completed independently, and the wall surface is bright and bright.

6. There is no floor ash: save water and save materials, about 20% more than manual ash, and reduce construction cost by about 1%.

7. Lightweight and flexible: widely used in interior and exterior decoration of houses, saving time, labor and materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving work efficiency.

8. Unique lifting clutch device: Reduces the trouble of the wall cleaning machine with multiple sets of pillars, and can paint the wall at any height.

9. The cohesive force is greater than the artificial strength: the pulping function is produced in the production process, and the inner wall of 400m2 can be produced by 2 people per day.

10. Labor saving, saving, small size, convenient to move: simple, efficient, material saving, time saving, power saving, water saving, cost reduction, strong adhesion, no floor ash, long service life, etc.